Meandering to Barcelona

Taking a walk to the patisserie early this morning to get the morning breads, we spotted a small ‘do up’ for sale … then we had to get organised to head to Girano. Nigel drive us through some interesting country lanes, we even stopped at Esperazo, where we discovered the dinosaurs still do exist.



I have been constantly amazed at the number of windfarms all through France. Apparently it is their preferred source of electrical supply as it is environmentally friendly and utilizes the wind that comes through a valley in the mountains. They are beautiful. At times we came ‘up real close’ to them. Impressive.



The other surprise around one corner in particular was a NZ style (almost) road block -cattle happily wandering around with their young. We did wonder if they might move, the roads were very, very narrow in places.IMG_5998fullsizeoutput_210a

In a couple of weeks time – these vineyards will be in bloom. They are dotted all over the place, some have a few green shoots, others still barren. The ‘sacred mountain’ cannitou, made a lovely backdrop.

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