Back one hour

Today marked the end of ‘daylight saving’ here in NZ. Overnight our clocks went back one hour. It always marks the end of the summer time, and generally heralds evenings that suddenly get darker more quickly. It seems too, that winter is just around the corner.

For whatever reason, daylight saving is the time when we are reminded to check the smoke alarms, to take stock of things around us, to de-clutter, to look at where we are heading.

It seems that its also the time when we want to read … to gather books for the quiet, longer winter nights. Visits to the library (or friends with good books) happen more often.

The other day even my wee grandson wanted me to take him to the library – “turn around, Grandma, we have to go to the library – to get the pirate book!”  He had realised we had gone past, headed home … and at not quite four years old, he had noticed.

I looked at my watch and realised that yes, we did have time to go there. To take an hour and choose some books for his bedtime read – (and even sometimes – through the day).

Turning the clock back one hour – means we supposedly get an hour extra sleep. Yet, we often feel more tired. Whether it is the darker evenings, or the coolness, something tells us that bedtime should be sooner.

I think its part of Gods plan.

Whatever it takes, it is important for us to rest, to sleep. To work while it is light, and to get out the books and curl up by the fire when the nights draw in and it is dark!

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