Giving – forgiving

Christmas – a time of celebration, a time when gifts flow in abundance. A time we remember the greatest gift of all – Jesus.

Easter is when we celebrate the gift, the sacrifice of Jesus -given so that we could have the gift of being reconciled to God.

As we near the Easter season, can we consider what gift we can offer? We cannot out give God, but we can offer others the gift of our forgiveness.

Sometimes it is so hard to do that. We hang on tight believing that it is our right to hold tight to that grudge, that hurt, that offense.

God had every right to hang on to Jesus – he could have sent a myriad of angels to protect him from the cross, from the suffering. Yet – he knew it was the only way of real relationship with us. Relationship with us was always his plan, and reconciliation through Jesus was the only way to achieve that goal.

What right do we have to hang on? We don’t feel better for it, and the perpetrator has no idea that we are even carrying the heavy ‘fence’ we have been lugging around.

This easter season, seek opportunities to give the gift of forgiveness. It will not only release the other person from being captive in your mind, but more – it will release you from the cage of bitterness and fear.

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