Thoughts become action

Today I enjoyed my fourth “Stadium to Surf” 10km fun run. Starting at our near new stadium, it meanders through the city and around the harbour edge, along both roads and grassy sports grounds until reaching the St Clair beach. The scenery all the way is beautiful – always something to see.

Dunedin once again turned on a beautiful clear day for the event, and about 2000 of us lined up – all ages, all stages. Many walking or running with baby strollers. It always does my heart good to see families out doing these events.

I enjoyed the run so much, I decided to carry on after the end, and retrace some of my steps – then I veered the paths leading up the hill to Anderson’s Bay. This added another 6km to the above run, but I felt just so good. I felt like I had really achieved and kicked that ‘motivation bug’ back out the door.

So yes, I sit here ‘like a log’ (as mentioned in yesterday’s ‘Thoughts’ blog), but this time the log feels content, and satisfied with having achieved a good hard run for the day.

To top it all off, I even made a personal best for the 10km run. I am looking forward to my next  event … whenever that may be.

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