Lately I have found myself musing a lot. Thinking all sorts of thoughts. Wondering when I will ever get back out tramping, or even walking in the NZ bush. More than that – just doing stuff that “I” want to do! Selfish? I guess so. But I’d also like to spend more time with those who are close to me, and it seems that they get the left-overs at times.

It seems that work is filling my life – and using up every ounce of energy I have. It is frustrating me, yet I need to work. For work gives me not only financial security – but it also gives purpose to my being here on this earth.

At work I am ‘someone’, even if it is only a menial job, that of filling shelves with fresh fruit and vegetables. Yet, work is also the place where I can encourage others, bring hope, listen and share with those who pass by during their time in our supermarket. They say ‘a smile is worth a thousand words’ – and I smile a lot during my day, and yes, people smile back at me. It’s good.

It is said that “exercise breeds energy” and I fully agree with that. Running is important to me as it gives me added incentive and energy. Perhaps my blog today is a result of not getting out there as much lately. I’m feeling a bit frustrated over that, even though sometimes I am my own worst enemy … like I could have gone out this evening – I had every intention. But I didn’t. Instead I sat. Like a log.

Yet my runs, or walks are also the time I take to nurture my walk with God. I talk, but also listen, and its a nice time of peace and togetherness. Sometimes I just enjoy the scenery as I jog along.

But for now, I have a full day of work ahead, and it is time for sleep.

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