The Power in a Medal

I recently read a Runners’ World article on the above topic.  It brought to mind the many races I have run, and how few of them actually give out a medal.  I have only got two medals – both are finishers’ medals.

I’m not a fast runner so don’t envisage ever receiving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd … so on the two occasions I have felt recognised for actually being in the running – I have felt on top of the world!

A medal does something to my psyche – there is definitely power in a medal. Knowing that every participant receives a medal,  gives the incentive to keep going, to hang in there, to continue training – even when you don’t want to, or don’t have the energy.

We are told in Philippians (in the Bible) to strive for the prize, to keep going to the end … to run the race set before us.

And that’s just what I  plan to do in the three (?) events that are definite for this years running goals. Interestingly they are placed three months apart, which means I have incentive to continue training even through the cooler months.

To push onwards and upwards … and have fun on the way. And, hopefully in some of those races, I will receive a medal for my effort!

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