The views are at the top

It has occurred to me during some recent tramping, that if you want to see the lake in all its fullness, if you want to see into the distance, if you want to view amazing scenery – then you have to do the hard yards and walk to the top.

This works equally as much in whatever you aspire to do, or become. There is nothing gained without some effort. Or some sheer hard work.

Discipline is such a dirty word – yet the endurance athletes, the ones who stand on the podium at the Olympics, even those who win small events have made it to where they are through discipline.

It just doesn’t happen by chance.

I’ve recently made some decisions to enter some sporting events in my city (and further afield). This has meant the purchase of some new jogging shoes. But, it has also meant that my alarm now sounds a wake up call even earlier than I generally get up.

Being an early morning person, this hasn’t involved huge sacrifice – although it has meant the discipline required of going to bed earlier. A sacrifice in my social life? Maybe. Yes, some things have taken second place on the days when I have an early start.

I realized I am the sort of person who works well with a goal in sight. So I’m training first for a 10km local run. Then after that in about three months a half marathon awaits me. Because the Christchurch half marathon is one I have done before (albeit a few years ago), the thought doesn’t frighten me too much. However even after the couple of weeks training, I realize there is a huge difference between being able to run 5 to 6 km and getting to the stage of once again going the full 21km.


Tramping is also a passion, and to get to the top of the mountain pass requires a huge amount of effort. But, the views from the top – the achievement of aiming for the summit. Its all there. The ragged breathing, the warmth of the sun as you rest in the grass admiring the views.


But I know to ensure that I see the full vista, that I accomplish the goals I have set, I must remain disciplined – even on the inclement days.


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