To sleep – or to pray

I’m listening to you Lord.
There has to be a reason why sleep isn’t a happening thing tonight. Usually my eyes shut the minute my head hits the pillow, yet, for some reason I find that I don’t even want to close my eyes.
Why Lord?
What’s happening?

Is there someone out there needing my prayers and thoughts?

Perhaps its family, or friends, or trampers caught out by our inclement spring weather.
Perhaps its what I read about a while ago on the social networks,- where helicopters in Central Otago are battling a fire on one of the mountains.
(I know a bit about that sort of thing from my years in mid Canterbury. Staying home while the local volunteers went off to battle the elements.)
They will need prayers, especially if the winds up there tonight are as bad as here in Dunedin.

So I say a prayer for those who are needing strength and encouragement.
I say a prayer for the lonely, the lost and the hurting.

For those making tough decisions and finding it difficult.

For those awaiting surgery, waiting for a healing touch.

May Jesus meet you wherever you are at … may you know how high, wide and deep his love is for you.

God bless you.

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