When silence isn’t scary

I’m not known for my silence. From the earliest school reports, ‘talkative’ was a word which was often mentioned.
Generally if there is a lull, I have felt the need to fill it. As a result I am more known for the ‘foot in mouth’ disease which afflicts a large percentage of our population, than for my quietness.

Yet, I noticed I have been silent on my blog site. I have been silent in the journal by my bed. No words for a few months.
This made me think – why have I not written down the many adventures I have had in my christian walk lately? Why have I not written down what I have been learning?
For although I have been silent, God has not.

He has spoken and I have listened, I have read both books and scripture, I have heard God speaking and have been learning to obey and follow the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Its been exciting – yet, it would seem that what I’ve been learning has been so intensely personal, so deep, I haven’t known where to begin in writing it down. So the pages have stayed clear.

Once upon a time this would have scared me, as I would have questioned myself on whether it was all in my imagination … did it really happen? Yet I know it has happened, I know the interviews, the people, the road travelled have all been part of a journey to a much bigger picture, a very different place than I can imagine.

The road to a dream fulfilled is not always easy.

Each day I ask God to please show me the next step. I have tentatively put a foot forward and taken the step shown. This is faith. For I don’t always know the end result.

For a person who sees the ‘big picture’, asking for little steps to follow is daunting. Scary even. Big pictures are more comfortable until you step into them and begin the journey to the middle.

The story is unfolding a step at a time. The only word I can use to describe the journey so far these last months is I am content and feeling very secure. I have seen the big picture.

I know that God has my hand. His word lights my path.

The journey to follow – to listen carefully and do as He asks is not taken lightly, the peace I feel as I learn to live in the ‘now’ and move a step at a time has been life changing.

Others who have journeyed parts of this with me have seen changes in me. Many have commented on how much lighter I look.
Interestingly as I have dropped excess weights and baggage from my life through the process I have been through, the excess weight on my body has begun to drop off as well.

A lightness of spirit – and sweetness of silence.
A winning combination.

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