A day out with little Robert

Today I had the joy of spending the whole day with my sixteen month grandson, Robert.
We started the day by reading some books –


as just before this he climbed and tried to open the window.


He was fascinated by the blackbirds all over the back lawn and tried desperately to get out to them.
The book reading was a much better idea I thought.
It was always my plan to then walk into town.
On the way we stopped off at the Botanical gardens,


and a play on the swings, slides and other equipment.



In town it was checking out the children’s stores for thoughts and ideas for both of the grandchildren, for Wynter’s first birthday, and their Christmas presents.
I even managed to fit in a lunch with a girlfriend before we stormed the shops together.

All in all a fun day, Robert enjoyed it until the shopping, when he promptly went off to sleep in his push chair … that suited me fine!
Home in the bus – as I was determined to get home before the rain … and get the washing off the line.

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