Why be corporate?

As I write this blog, I struggle with the concept that somehow, someway we have turned our God into a corporate God.
Our ‘churches’ have become corporate in their behavior, so that they have the favor of the government.
I believe God is incensed by this behavior.
Giving should be done through love of our saviour, not for the favor of others.

We rely on donations from government, people, organizations, and other businesses to help those in need. This all enhances the reputation – but in turn to abide by their rules, we have become more corporate ourselves.

I struggle with being part of an organization that relies on ‘reputation’ from the outside rather than being reputable before God.

How can this be changed? Has the word “church” become a monster snowball that just keeps on rolling, getting bigger and bigger – yet those within get ‘smaller and smaller’.
For the recipients of the above donations don’t necessarily become christians themselves. Many of them continue to receive what we offer and come back for more. However money is not God, food is not God, and if we are not offering Jesus, if we are not up front in sharing Jesus with them, we are not fulfilling our part of the mission.

Church is people (not a building) … we are the church and as such four walls should not be what defines us.
We can meet down the street, we can meet for coffee or fellowship with others and there Jesus is with us. “Where two or three are gathered, I am there in the midst.”

God is not corporate. From all I read, he didn’t have a lot of time for those who turned the temple into ‘a marketplace’. Jesus went out into the highways and byways where the people were. He healed those who were on the ‘outer’ more so than those within the four walls.

To bring life, healing and share the love of Jesus wherever we are. That is our mission.

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One Response to Why be corporate?

  1. Donald says:

    Corporate is the perfect word Valerie, and you immediately made me think of a new church just down the road in here in Wanaka. When I took a brief look awhile back I was taken aback… more>>

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