Communication: its the heartbeat of life,
Its the thing we do – even when we think we aren’t doing anything.
We communicate in all sorts of ways –
A smile, a touch, a hand on the shoulder,
A pat on the back,
A lingering look.

We communicate through the windows of our soul –
Our eyes give away more than we want spoken.
A lingering glance
A harsh glare,
Eyes that smile at another person, and the lips don’t move.

Technology allows communication through words
But even these can be misunderstood.
A comma in the wrong place can make a whole sentence
Mean something entirely different.

When we speak words, we should ensure they bring life to the hearer.
To convey what we want to say, not what we hope they want to hear.

To bring truth – life and encouragement.

What a responsibility is ours
When we communicate.

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2 Responses to Communication

  1. Valerie, It was great to catch up with you via your blog. I am looking forward to reading more about your calling when/if you get ready to share it. Just wanted you to know someone on the other side of the ocean is praying for you.

  2. Beautifully written with great meaning. Thank you for following my blog. I now follow your beautiful work.

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