More than a symbol? A life beyond the cross

What if the cross became more than a symbol – not only in church, but in society as well.

We wear it around our neck, place it on the spire of old churches, and inside our newer ones.

What if we really treated the time coming up to Easter the same way Jesus did. Taking time to think, to wait, to pray, to meditate and contemplate.

What if the cross was more than a necklace, more than something decorative?

What if we looked behind the cross – and really saw what Jesus wants us to grasp and take hold of.

To go beyond the cross – to the resurrection.

Sometimes we glorify the cross and forget the resurrection power that Jesus promised.

We sing songs of the cross, songs of passion, songs to make us holy … then we leave the place where we sang and listened to them. The songs become a memory.

But what if we walked beyond the cross, through the tomb to the resurrection glory and took time to see Jesus seated on the right hand of his Father. To see Jesus crowned with glory and honour.

Would it make a difference to the way you live out your day?
Would it make a difference in the lives of those around you?

To know that there is life beyond the cross, life beyond the hurts and pain, the suffering and sickness. To know that Jesus came precisely so we (and those around) could also enjoy the abundant life he spoke of.

To know we can also have that same resurrection power in our lives – once we have dropped all (surrendered it) at the foot of the cross and walked through the darkness to the other side.

This Easter time, don’t linger too long at the cross – look at Jesus crowned with glory and honour and choose to walk in the resurrection victory with Him.

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