When we delay too long …

To delay too long – is it the same as disobedience? Thats my thought for the day.

Do we choose to delay because we are pondering a decision, or do is it actually disobedience because we have taken too long and therefore our answer is taken as a resounding ‘no’.

When a child instantly obeys, is it because he or she has been trained that way or is it because they are naturally compliant and want to please?
When an adult hears God speak and delays a decision, is that classed the same way? For we are God’s children.
Ideally, we should hear and obey instantly, for we know when it is God speaking.

Many times though, we think, “Is it God or is it just some great idea of mine?”
This I believe, makes God sad.

As he says in the Bible, “My sheep hear my voice”.

As a child is trained to know their Mother’s or Father’s voice, we too, in our early christian walk should be also trained to hear God’s voice.

Its a part of normal discipleship – however I wonder if it is a part we have forgotten to teach.

Let’s obey and not delay!

God should not have to ‘count to ten’ to wait and see if we are listening and our ears are open!

Can we trust God enough to move on what he tells us to do?

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

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