The Call

Pastor Mark Driscoll has left me with some thoughts, and questions regarding a ‘call on my life’.

“A few questions that can help discern one’s heart’s motivation are:

  • Have I made the call the driving force of my life, rather the one who has called me?
  • Where does my satisfactions lie, in dreams of the perfect position, or dreams of His fame and glory?
  • Where do I go when I think about my call?
  • Am I impatient?
  • Am I willing to submit, learn, and wait? Is it difficult for me? Why?
  • Do I see my life and time now as ministry? If you are not currently serving as a minister or reconciliation and serving the local body of Christ, you are not ready to embrace a call to pastoral leadership.
  • The most difficult component of determining and refining the call to pastoral leadership is the “in between” time. This is truly a product of our culture, and one of which scripture continuously opposes. Paul, for example, received a pretty clear call to ministry in Acts 9, but he still went away for three years and did not really begin his ministry until he was confirmed and commissioned by his elders (Acts 13). Joseph’s (Genesis 37–50) life is another example of a clear call that took years to come to fruition.It is important to answer the questions above and keep this in mind: the call that you are wrestling through now, no matter where you are at in that journey, is first a call to prepare.

    What are you doing to prepare for this “call”?

  • Any aspiration to pastoral leadership must come from a love for Christ that has birthed a sincere and sacrificial love the bride of Christ and a desire to serve her selflessly.                            M Driscoll.

For a person who has known and heard the call, yet decided to pursue other options instead, I know that the call was not the driving force, yet it was a force behind all that I did choose to pursue.In the back of my mind was the enormous feeling of ‘why am I doing this, when I know I should be doing that?”

I feel that I have been prepared for the call, through the many life experiences I have had.

For me the call is a call to surrender every facet of my life to Jesus Christ, knowing that there will be some tough times as I wait for the ‘right time’.

One of the questions posed was “Am I impatient?”  To that I have a resounding ‘yes’ – I am one of those people who once a decision has been made feels it very necessary to start the project immediately! I am finding that now I have decided, I just need to get going on it! But God will have his timing, and he is teaching me to wait on him.

The last point made was the ‘inbetween time’. What will I do with the time between now, and the day I begin formal training? Will I make every effort to be found in service to my Saviour, knowing that all I do, I do for His glory, and not for my own recognition.

Its all good. Its all worth thinking and praying about.  I suspect that a time of pruning, shaping and trimming is ahead. Branches growing wild will eventually get lopped off, and smaller growths trimmed to allow the new spiritual growth to flourish.

And lastly, in answer to the point above – ‘Where do I go when I think about my call?’  I find myself doing more reading, more writing, more praying and speaking with one or two I can trust. I go to God, wondering why He didn’t just choose someone else who was instantly obedient instead!

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