Along the road less travelled


Well, we tried to make it … but following the storm on Saturday, the landscapes and surrounds around South Taranaki were in a sad state. Many shop fronts in Patea were damaged, and roofs blown off.

20120306-212450.jpgTrees were uprooted, and branches lay strewn where they fell.

My friend and I decided to take a drive to where I used to live. It is definitely down a ‘road less travelled’ and was always that way. Following a 30km drive inland from the main highway, you reach a windy, dirt road.


This is a ‘no exit’ road and leads to the southern end of Lake Rotorangi, and the Patea Dam.

20120306-212540.jpgWe made it most of the way along this road, keeping an eye out for the debris lining parts of the road. Trees down, slips, minor flooding.

At one point the road looked like a slush pond, but we drove through the first one, till we came across another and decided to get out and walk it – just to check for depth and slipperyness.

20120306-212555.jpgOoh. 20120306-212615.jpgNot a good idea to try this one, we decided to head off on foot before meeting the farmer with his tractor and front end loader. He was amazed to see us and thought (a fair enough conclusion) that we might be in trouble. We weren’t, and said that we had decided to walk along to the ‘ford’ a well known area where we had thought we might strike trouble getting through.

The ford was dry, but the slip just past here was unpassable. It was a shame as we were so close, yet so far away from the destination.


Too far to walk the extra, being that time was no longer on our side, and we had already taken an hour to get to the ford, we turned back.

Although I never visited my old home, I felt comforted in how far we had been able to come. The day was glorious, the company great and maybe next time I am up, I will get to revisit one of my favourite places … the road less travelled!








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