A return to Tawhiti Museum to meet the whalers

This week while visiting Hawera, I took the opportunity to visit the renowned Tawhiti Mus20120306-204615.jpgeum. It would have been at least eight years since I was last there, and in that time much has changed. Nigel Ogle, the creator, has done a superb job of the newest part of the museum, the Whalers and Traders. Here you ride in an 1800’s boat through rocky cliffs, maori war zones, and other interesting parts. The lighting is low, the figures made and designed are so lifelike.

Their expre20120306-204704.jpgssions are so real.

The museum is full of ‘old’ things, but has the twist of having very ‘real and alive’ people made as part of the displays. Even the little child crying looks so lifelike.

I woul20120306-205409.jpgd recommend that anyone visiting Taranaki takes the time to visit Tawhiti.

And yes, there is a cafe on site for those requiring a coffee fix!

Care has been taken20120306-204726.jpg in displaying the NZ maori wars, and these are documented with accuracy on the written boards nearby.

A museum? Yes, it is called that, but to me it is more – it is an experience not to be missed, and definitely not to rush through.





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