Funerals – more thoughts

Shock. Totally numb. That somewhat explains the day I have had today.

This morning I received a message that a good friend had a heart attack and died suddenly. My friend, his wife is now left with her five children and five grand children, with another two on the way. They were not old by any stretch, just a bit older than I am, so it was awfully ‘close to home’.

I got to thinking again about life, about living in the present and not trying to make long term plans – for I do not know when my time will be up.

All day I have pondered the question “Is my house really in order?” I am speaking of my spiritual house, the part of me that is eternal.

Although I also thought about the physical home in which I live – still unfinished as far as “doing up” goes.
If I were to suddenly leave this earth, what sort of a mess would be left for those still here to deal with. Could they find things they needed – or is the fact that although my filing cabinet is there, many of the labels on the files are missing. Its been OK up till now, as I have known where the papers are meant to be, and have filed them accordingly!

It all makes me think on this day of reflection.

It must surely be time to do a stocktake of my life, a stocktake of where I am at both at home, at work and within my spiritual life. For I know it has been a while.

Throughout the afternoon I have pondered, and heard the inner voice say to me on more than one occasion today,
“Are you listening Val? The people who have left earth recently have all had in common their love for me, their Saviour. They have had their houses in order and I have called them home. You have still the gift of time. Don’t take too long to tell others about me. There is work I have appointed you to do. Go.”

Wow. I realised it is all too true. We often think that there is time. Sometimes though, there isn’t.

When our name comes up on the list, we must be ready to face Jesus.

When asked, “What did you do with my son Jesus?” we have to be ready to give account.

Often it is said that life is too short to live with regrets. Keep short accounts with others and short accounts with God.

Be a person of whom it can be said, “She (or he) lived a good life, she finished the race, she finished the work she was called to do. Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I will head to Oamaru (just over an hour and a quarter away) to the memorial service, as this time I want to be with those in my spiritual home who are hurting and grieving the sad loss of their minister. I want to be there to celebrate the ‘Promotion to Glory’ of a man who truly lived his life in the calling to which God had called him to do.

It will be time to say goodbye for now, knowing that for sure we will meet again.

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