When motivation comes running back

It really doesn’t take a lot to motivate another person into doing something that you might like them to do – or at least have them give it a go.
We are often motivated by what others are doing, and in turn that motivates into action as well.

Yesterday I wrote a blog regarding motivation, and that all motivation seemed to have disappeared.
Today I am pleased to write a progress report.

Yes, its only one day, but this morning when my alarm jangled, I leapt out of bed and put on my shorts and running shoes – headed out the door for the next fifty minutes.
I felt really, really good afterwards. Not only that, but my whole day went well.
So much so, that tonight I was motivated to get the bike out of the garage and go for a ride on it. Wow.

So you may be asking what has motivated me.
One is that my work is holding a ‘Stadium to Surf’ fun run and walk for 10km. They want as many staff as possible to enter into the fun. This is not just for the supermarket where I work, but includes the three other New World supermarkets around the city where I live.
Some of the people I work with are really keen, and I mean, really keen.

That was a motivation for me to get myself moving again.

The other motivator was a thing called frustration. I was so frustrated with myself that I had allowed myself to slip back into old habits (mentioned yesterday).

So I trust that the motivation that got me moving will enable and encourage me to keep at it. I have six weeks to work up to the whole distance, which for a person who has run a half marathon before today (even though it was about five years ago) should not be too tough a task.

I have to remember to take it quietly and not be like the proverbial bull at a gate. Sometimes in my enthusiasm I do that … rush and take on too much, too fast, and it does not work in my favour.

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