When motivation disappears

Motivation? What’s that?

I find I do have motivation in abundance for tramping, for wandering along the mountain passes, for walking in the countryside with friends at the weekend.
But motivation for my daily jogs, the exercise machine, the planned swim – that seems to have disappeared as fast as it had come.
I put it down to being too tired. But is that really true?

My alarm is set to make loud noises at 5 am – this allows for an hours exercise, then breakfast and some quiet time before I head out the door to work around 6.45 am. (I start work each day at 7 am).

It used to be so easy to leap out of bed at that unearthly hour, and I always felt so much better for it.

But now, things seem to be different. Just as I am not quite in bed yet (it’s after 9.30 pm as I write this), there seems to be so much to put into the few hours left of an evening, neither is my brain willing to get up quite so early.

Yet its summer, its meant to be easier to get up in the summer time. Isn’t it?

Maybe its a ploy of the enemy, the devil or Satan. He knows that part of my jog & walk routine is spending time with my maker, my creator God. Its part of the process of settling my mind ready for the day ahead. Putting things into perspective.

So I am going to end this little bit of rambling, I’m heading off to my bed – with the plan to getting up and getting motivated again.

My brain tells me its a great idea, I even visualise in my mind the exciting changes that will occur to the extra body fat I’ve been trundling around.

Hopefully next time I write, it will be to say some progress is being made.

For I am motivated to start, and that has to be a good beginning!

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