Round trip via Danseys Pass

Today, coming home I went from Wanaka to Alexandra where I was fortunate to be able to spend time with little Wynter Rose, now 12 weeks old. She is a real delight.
It was so nice to see her and Cassandra.
They had just been to Plunket, where Wynter weighed in at a healthy 6.3 kg.




From Alexandra I went over to Oamaru via the Dansey’s Pass – this is a gravel road which winds around the back of the Waitaki Valley. It is far shorter than going via the Pig Route, but as it is gravel, can take mildly longer for those not used to it. However the scenery is stunning.

I was fascinated by the amount of traffic on this road today, including cyclists and a cattle truck. The road is very ‘thin’ in places, which could have been a bit hair-raising had I met the truck on one of those parts. However when I came upon him there was room for us both on the road – even though it meant I had to stop and wait for him to pass by.

So into the Waitaki valley I went, and eventually back onto the tar seal road. Just for another change, I didn’t go as far as Duntroon (on the main road through the Waitaki Valley), but took a shorter route through the back roads to Weston, via Ngapara and Enfield.

Then it was to my Dads for tea before going to the Oamaru hospital where my Mum had been admitted yesterday – more for observation. Unfortunately just a few days before Christmas she suffered a major stroke, and had only been out of hospital for a week or so.

I was pleased to find her not too bad, and she enjoyed seeing some of the photos I had taken of my weekend walks, plus of course, the ones of her great-grand daughter, Wynter.

Its back to work tomorrow, with another fun-filled and adventurous weekend behind me.

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