A great way to spend an afternoon

It was to be firewood shifting and stacking this morning, and then this afternoon I had a visit from my son and little grandson, Robert. I decided that it was a far more exciting way to spend a few hours on my afternoon off.

Robert is nearly eight months old and is a bright, happy interactive boy.

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One Response to A great way to spend an afternoon

  1. rainforestrobin says:

    Dear Valerie,

    I stopped in to thank you for your most amazing comment on my “Naked in Eden – Robin Easton Blog”. I was deeply touched by your passionate connection to the wild. I just smiled ear to ear when you said you had spent “a week tramping – far away from the cities, the maddening crowds, the hustle and bustle of cars and work.” Your words alone brought tears of joy to my eyes. I deeply connected with your beautiful spirit that shown through SO strongly. I felt I’d met a kindred soul.

    Then I came here and saw these picture of your grandson. OH MY WORD!!! How lucky you are. He is an utter bundle of JOY and LOVE. He is so happy!! So alive and open hearted, and at only 8 months. Goes to show how children can be when they are love and seen. I too would spend the whole day playing with him over dealing with firewood. 🙂 He must just adore you and you him. Did you take these photo? They are excellent. Love the one with his tongue hanging out. So sooooooooooo precious!!

    Thank you for the beauty, awareness, and true heart you are choosing to live. It makes such a difference to those of us out here who are kindred.

    Warmest regards,

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