Living simply or simply living?

I breathed in the true nature smells, heard the birds in the trees and listened intently to the passing streams.
It occurred to me that here, in the magic of the outdoors, in the rugged hills and valleys, nature has its own radio frequency.
Above me, the scurrying clouds alert of weather changes on their way.
The birds flutter and sing – without care of where their next meal is.
The streams gurgle their way over the stones and larger rocks. Crystal clear water from high in the mountains. Such a pure taste without need of ‘doctoring up’ with additives.
We all need water for survival, and the large ‘under-life’ in the bush thrives on it. Mossy outcrops growing on rocks and fallen branches would signify there is no shortage.
This year saw an influx of little bush mice in some areas. Perhaps the seeding beech trees bring them? Although this year is apparently not a traditional seeding year.
Because it is still early enough in the summer season, the sandflies haven’t quite multiplied to such an extent as to cause immense discomfort. There were enough at times, especially near the lake, to take notice of (and arm against), but walking through the bush and forests posed no danger.
I heard the gentle whisper of the wind in the tops, watched little leaves flutter their way to form the already thick carpet beneath.
It struck me on my many walks this week, that I am so blessed to be able to enjoy God’s creation in such a way.
Uncluttered and unhindered, I had the time to stop. To look. To think. To meditate and commune with my maker.
Sometimes I broke into song … the old favourite of many people “How Great Thou Art” sprung often to mind, as the verses so fitted the scenery I passed.

At one point I was grounded to the spot when in front of me was an enormous rock. People before me had formed a fire area of stones on one side, and placed logs around that for seating. I could almost hear the laughter and singing of people around the campfire after a long trek in.
It reminded me of a cathedral. A place of worship.
For years it has stayed in position, forming a sort of shelter, a place to stop and reflect.
How many others have seen this rock as a good place to have a retreat? Out from the trees and bush just a little way is a sunny grassy area – perfect for a tent or two.
Looking from here along further was the glacier wall, the water fall, and scree slides to walk across.
Above me was the high peaks, still snow covered.
And all of this was discovered in the first of my seven days away from city life.

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