In the middle of the night

When I should be asleep, I find myself going over things in my mind. “why didn’t I plate it this way? What possessed me to put so much on the plates? Why cut the tart in four when I’ve been cutting it into six pieces all year?” etc
But it’s over now. The food plans, the recipes and menu written. The four courses enjoyed by friends and family.
So why am I awake? I cannot change anything about it – and at the end of the day am relatively happy with the results.
It’s not even that I’m worrying.
It’s the analytical side of my nature that wanders over events (and sometimes conversations) with a fine tooth comb checking what could have been improved.
So in the middle of the night when it’s so dark and peaceful, my brain is active. My body weary after a very grueling assessment.
But it’s the middle of the night so I’m going to close my eyes and try for a couple of hours sleep.

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