It’s been a while …

Its been a while since I wrote on here. Too long. It seems that this year has become a blur of tech, work and general busy-ness.
Sometimes I have to prod myself to check if I’m still alive as it ses that I’m just being swept along in a current.
Then other times (like yesterday) i take the time to walk a country lane and reflect on a beautiful day, or the choices I have to soon face.
For once again the tech year is coming to an end and I have to decide what it is I really want to do with my life.
Options. Sometimes I find there are so many to choose from!
I could quietly “leap” back into the boat that was / is New World where I have maintained a part time job. Or I could do something quite different and in keeping with the training I have been doing over the past two years.
Or perhaps I could be a student again next year? Now there’s a thought …

However I was reading this evening as I headed to bed, and it made me stop – think – then write this blog. I quote the words of Bob Gass “in Gods eyes the greatest failure of all is failure to invest the time, talent and treasure He’s given you into His purposes.”
It made me realize that my time on earth isn’t just for me- it’s for others.
When the final audit of my life is done I don’t want to be caught out. I want that my life will truly count. Maybe someone out there somewhere is changed just because of a word or a smile.

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One Response to It’s been a while …

  1. probligo says:

    I hope that you can excuse me for butting in on your reverie. I got here through looking for NZ photographers and spending an idle wet p.m. following links.

    We are at opposite ends of the problem, yet the problems seem the same. I have a son who has good uni qualifications and has taken a totally different path; I have a daughter who has no tertiary qualification, is studying for NZIM membership part time, has three under the age of 3, and holds down a job with national responsibility. I am trying to set up for a long and well-deserved retirement.

    Whatever you decide, make sure that it has sufficient challenge for this year, for next year, and the potential to challenge you and your capabilities for many years to come. Lose that incentive and life begins to get tedious, boring even.

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