Snow at my place in Dunedin

A day to hunker down by the fire, except even it is struggling to get going today.
Yesterday the snow began around lunchtime, intermingled with hail. Then it fell … pretty as a postcard.
The problem with snow in Dunedin is that people just aren’t used to it. Drivers think they are invincible, and that their cars will be ok. After all, they’ve got tyres, haven’t they?
The snow though, fell on top of already iced streets. Black ice beneath snow isn’t a good mix, and many accidents around the city were reported.
At my place, which is virtually at sea level (well a couple of hundred metres above), there was a good 5cm of snow, in some places, even more.
I took a step out to get some wood
Then I came inside and between dropping an armload of ‘snow covered’ wood by the fire the snow was once again heavy. Almost a whiteout.
Two hundred people (and more probably) were stranded at Waitati hall – just over the northern motorway into Dunedin. Only ten minutes drive normally, but today and yesterday weren’t normal.
Here is a view of my front path and garden. As you see, only the weeds are flourishing there.

The back garden hasn’t fared a lot better. The self-sown potatoes won’t like all the cold, and although they had grown massively during the start of winter, I suspect heavy frosts over the next couple of days will kill them. Then again, you never know. This is Dunedin after all. People are hardy, and the plants that manage to survive are hardier still.

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