Time to get serious – competition time

Well tonight I found out that I have made it through to competitions on Monday.
What a challenge, what a privilege.
I wonder what I did to deserve it, when so many people put up food that was concise, crisp plated and clearly better.
However mine had a point of difference and maybe thats what the tutors were after – among the many ‘filled chicken breasts’ I opted for a curry – a hot spicy one, all placed within a puff pastry plait.
On the side are sauteed brussel sprouts, garnished with walnuts and bacon – and baby carrots.
Now I have the weekend to organise my brain, to get my fingers moving more nimbly and to tell myself – “I can do it”.

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2 Responses to Time to get serious – competition time

  1. Donald says:

    Yum, looks great Val

  2. Donald says:

    The essence and deliciousness of these is really captured. Great looking food, and well photographed!

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