Preparing for culinary competitions

For the past few days now our class have been busy preparing for culinary competitions.
It has meant lots and lots of practice, perfecting the art of plating (an area I still struggle with, after years of ‘plonking out’ the families meal onto the plates!), and of course, perfecting our recipes.
The only criteria is that it had to be a chicken dish, and be able to be cooked and presented within the hour.
It has to have a starch, and two vegetables as well …
I chose to be a bit different from my fellow classmates, and have run with a ‘curry in a plait’. This involved puff pastry – and a nice spicy curry to complement it.
My initial plate was actually wrapping the curry and plaiting the pastry over it, but today I tried the idea of making a plait, then filling the plait with curry.
This went down well with the tutors this morning.
I had also changed my vegetables from the original plan (of green beans and spinach, with a kumara and coriander piped ‘mash’).
Today I went with sauteed brussel sprouts – sauteed in butter, with ginger, garlic and chilli – served with some chopped walnuts over them. I also ran with glazed baby carrots. A much better look.
My first plate this morning still had the kumara ‘duchesse’ – but after consultation with the tutors, decided to drop that in place of just carrots and brussel sprouts.
This afternoon is when I will see how well it will all work.
Tomorrow is assessment day – and then another assessment on Thursday.
I’m really, really happy with the curry – the spices are magic and the aroma fills the kitchens at our Polytechnic. But … can I plate it like a pro?
I will keep you posted (and will put up the photos tonight).

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