I’m now a Grandma

I look at my plans to be a ‘blog a day’ writer, and see that its now been a while.
However, life has rolled on and a new generation has begun for me.
For on my 50th birthday last week, I received the most wonderful gift … a grandson, Robert Michael.
As I hold him in my arms, I pray and wonder at the world he has arrived into. He looks at me and probably thinks, “Who is this lady – all gooey eyed and weird?”
So I enter a new phase in my life, a new realm. My son has a son named after him (the Robert part) and for every generation as far back as we can see, there has been a Robert on his fathers side. So it continues, the circle of life.
My prayer is that God will pour his blessing into young Robert and he in turn will be a blessing to all he comes in contact with.

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One Response to I’m now a Grandma

  1. Deanna says:

    Big time congratulations!!!

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