Focus and concentrate

Beware of ever thinking that an area in your life that you struggle with doesn’t matter much to God. It does. Nothing is ever trivial. We have to learn obedience in the small things as well as the bigger things.
Sometimes it is easy to deal with a biggie, thinking that we are now ‘off the hook’. Nothing could be further from the truth.
God keeps trying to get through to us by speaking through others, through his word, through our thoughts, dreams and friends. Whenever God causes a doubt about something – stop it immediately, no matter how trivial or insignificant it might seem to be.
There are often areas in our lives which slip under the radar – that is because we have our radar set too high. This is not always on purpose, often it is a subconscious decision (thinking that what we are doing is trivial).
When looking for new employment, often the employers are looking for people who have good ‘attention to detail’. Yet we as christians do not follow that through in our spiritual lives. Our attention to detail is often severely lacking.
We do not often pay attention to the small things, to the “rats in the woodpile”. Instead we allow them to breed, and its not until the final blocks of wood are about to be removed that we see them all nesting quite snug in their new habitat. We have been careless … and although others may have noticed, they might not have wanted to bring to attention the “small droppings” they have observed.
It is far easier to deal to one ‘rat’ than a whole colony.
So how is your focus? Where is your focus?
Are your ears open and attentive to the voice of God? Do you listen when people bring things to your attention that you prefer not to acknowledge?
Be grateful for friends who are not scared to be honest with you. They could be the angels God has sent you on a day when his voice has been drowned by other things clamouring for your attention.
Recently I was reminded about the need for focus in spiritual things and I share this with you:
“You no more need a day off from spiritual concentration on matters in your life than your heart needs a day off from beating” (O Chambers).

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One Response to Focus and concentrate

  1. Donald says:

    Very good point Val.

    How odd though… I just had my cuzy call in for a cuppa, and she remarked she is currently having a problem with rats. Her cat is catching them and leaving them at the door, and she suspects they’re under a container on the property.

    Anyway thanks for the “heads up”



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