The project – to create four inspiring meals

Not only to create, but to also put in the full nutritional value for four different foodie types – adult, low fat, diabetic, vegetarian.
They each need three solid meals for the day including snacks between each meal.
Wow. What an eye opener. Its been about four hours since I began the project, and although the bones of it has been completed – I am realising on the way just how much I consume through a ‘normal’ day.
Just what constitutes a normal day anyway? Being at work? Being at my studies?
I find I consume way more tucker when I am at home doing things like I am doing today … for inspiration I raid the fridge, or the cupboard … and even look into the empty biscuit tins.
Its been an interesting project. Watch this space, and if anyone out there has a favourite idea (kilojoule or calorie count included for ALL ingredients please) then let me know!
Meanwhile, I am outside to get a little fresh air into my lungs before I start to do some baking.

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