What’s your inspiration?

Sitting at the computer, about to begin an afternoon of study, something posted on my facebook wall occupied my time.
For just a few minutes I watched two videos of people who have inspired others – both unique and in different parts of the world.
These are ordinary people who have gone out of their way to do extraordinary things … their hearts filled with compassion for those around them.
It made me think – what inspires me to give to others, what inspires me to give them of my time, availability or finances?
Am I inspired enough to get out of my own way to do something that will encourage another human and perhaps change their life?
One of the people died while still on his marathon mission, dying of the very thing he was raising money for research for. Cancer.
The other man is still hard at work in his community, feeding, cleaning and showing love to those less fortunate than himself. He crossed cultural barriers and is making a difference.
So my question today is:
What will it take to inspire us all to have a heart of compassion for those suffering under chains of injustice?
People just outside our gates are hurting – do we see them and do we care?

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