What is grace?

Grace has a number of meanings:
A girls name, a few words of thanks we speak out prior to a meal, an offering, a gift?
It is all of those things, but when the grace goes from us to someone who has offended us, or from God to us, then things change for the better.
I once heard it said that Grace is “God’s riches at Christ’s expense”, but it is more than that.
Grace is a free gift that we do not deserve. We cannot earn it, we cannot work for brownie points to get it.
Grace is the gift that God gave to us when He sent His son Jesus to be the price for us.
When we trample on the grace of God it hurts him, but more than that, it hurts us as well.
When we accept God’s grace but will not offer that same grace toward our fellow men … that is so sad.
Somehow it is meant to be – that grace should flow from God to us and from us to those around.
That way, everyone reaps the benefits.

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