The gift within

When facing the hurdles that life brings sometimes, it helps to remember that there is no such thing as a problem without a Divine gift hidden within it. We are allowed to have these problems because we need the gifts they carry within.
Sometimes we have to be tapped really hard for the treasure within to be displayed. A bit like the pearl within the hard shell of the oyster.
A gnarly oyster shell gives the pearl protection while it is doing it’s thing.
What is the protective layer you hide behind?
How much growing does your ‘pearl’ or ‘treasure’ need to do before you can share with others?
Many spend their lives hiding their gift within, tending it, protecting it … while all the time God would like us to be using our talents and gifts to bring glory to Him.
So when you are facing a mountain, a challenge, a gnarly and difficult time – look to Jesus. Ask Him to reveal the gift He has for you. It’s something not just for yourself, but for you to share with others.

Its such a waste to not use the lessons we learn in our difficult times. Worse still would be getting through it, but not having changed at all during the process.

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One Response to The gift within

  1. So true… we all have God given gifts! Sometimes I find myself not pursuing them… thanks for posting this. It’s a gentle reminder of my priorities and getting them straightened out! 🙂

    What is your gift?

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