The last point of obedience

Lately in my journey with God, I have been challenged on issues which I had almost buried, wanted to forget and didn’t wish to pursue further.
However God had different ideas, and although I have wanted to ‘move on’ in my walk with Him, I kept being nudged about other things.
One of those being “The last point of obedience.”
Part of walking in a journey with God by my side is being prepared to do what He asks of me – knowing that He will never lead me to where His grace cannot keep me.
For me, the place or point of obedience was tying the ends of a relationship which ended almost three years ago.
I started to work on this about eight months ago, and after paying my lawyer $195 for the privilege of some advice, I never really went back. I put it into the ‘too hard’ and ‘wait till later’ basket. That felt quite comfortable for me and I just got on with my life.
Not a good idea.
For until I tie up those ends (paper work though they be), I cannot move on spiritually in my walk in that area.
How can I continue to ask God to bless me in relationships when I am not willing to do what He has asked me to do?
The place of peace is the place of obedience – that is, putting a foot in front of the other and starting proceedings.
Today I realised that one of the things holding me back is that I am not keen to ‘rock the boat’. We currently get on quite well, so why change it?
Why? Because I must obey.



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