Canapes and cookery thoughts

As I write this, I am also spending a day on my assignment for Polytech. It’s been a bit of a grey, drizzly day here in Dunedin, so staying inside has not been a chore.
Part of the assignment is that we have to design some Mediterranean canapes – mediterranean in nature and content.
For those who may live over that way, or be from there – this assignment will be an easy one.
However, we also have other criteria. A list of ingredients we are allowed to use, and the types. Five different types to serve in batches of six.
Then in a few weeks we get assessed on them and serve them to willing victims at a “Canape Party”.
Should be fun … if only I can narrow down my very long list!
Then I have to write an essay on why I wanted and chose those ones, as well a full list of the ingredients I require to make them.
If anyone out there has a favourite one they want to tell me about, I’d love to know. In the meantime, I will keep trawling the internet and other cookbooks for ideas and inspiration.
I have foccaccia rising, and a casserole in the oven so the day hasn’t been altogether a loss, has it?

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