Wooden thinking

What’s in a pile of wood anyway?


Some of the limbs, the rest of the tree with a hole in its side

Recently I had cause to ponder just this very question. What’s in a pile of wood.

I have a large pile of wood along the side of my drive at present. Its now all neatly split and stacked, but it wasn’t always this way. In September 2010 a gale force wind caused two major limbs to come off the very tall tree and land on a neighbour’s property, missing their ranch slider door by just a metre or so.  Along with other things, their washing line was squashed to the ground, rendered totally useless. The once sturdy metal limbs – twisted and unrecognisable.


The woodcutting team in action. Note proximity to 'my flat'

As a good neighbour, but one who was out of town at the time, I arrived home to survey the scene. No, the tree did not stand up and walk by itself. No, angels did not appear to move the limbs in the night. It was a case of one step at a time. I have many friends who all own chainsaws, but at that time of year (school holiday time in NZ), they were all out of Dunedin on holiday. Some were even overseas. It was a case of looking up the local Telephone Directory and phoning around for someone suitable.

To cut a long story short (and the tree down), I managed to get some quotes, and with help from a friend chose one of those reputable firms. In consultation we decided to remove the whole tree – along with the limbs already down – as I didn’t want the rest of it also falling down.  The flat where the tree was located could have been totally flattened had the tree fallen in a different direction.

Sadly some things were lost in communication – including the woodchipping of some very suitable limbs when I had asked for ‘firewood rings’. That was even with me visiting the site at various intervals during the day.

However that’s not what this blog is about.

It is what the tree held within its bark which became the interesting part of the story. For the story didn’t end with the removal of the tree from the neighbours property. It didn’t end with the rings being transported to my driveway (many weeks later, and many rings less by then – due to opportunists).

Inside the tree was a secret … a pain. The spirit within the tree caused many who had cause to lend a hand to me over its removal became either very sick, or very unhappy or both. It was responsible I believe for some very bad mana, some happenings which were totally unexplainable.  These things happened to not just people, but also to possessions.

Just two weeks ago, I realised that if I didn’t get the rings chopped into usable firewood for my small fire, then this winter would be an extremely cold one … yet with a mile of ‘possible heating source’ outside my door! So I organised the hire of a mechanical wood-splitter along with a friend (and his out-of-town mate) who were available to lend a hand on that day.

Sadly, only an hour and a half into the work, one of those helping lost his finger to the sharp blade. Yes. Chopped right through, just above the knuckle.

This is when I really began to take stock of the happenings around the wood – not to mention the extreme cost of the wood itself. Far more than it should have cost.

I realised it was time to pray, and I mean really pray around my section and through my house. There were just too many coincidences, too many unexplainable happenings, and a man who I barely knew had now donated his finger to the cause.

While praying, I saw a picture of the tree crying out at being chopped down. I saw it wailing. I asked God ‘What is that?” and I had the firm impression that there was a definite ‘spirit’ attached which needed to be removed. Those who were spiritually in tune with God, were the ones affected the most (including me).

After praying and walking around my whole section I felt an amazing peace come. I knew that it had been dealt with. The spirit was lifted.

There has been breakthrough since in the lives of many of those people. How do I know this? I have listened to their stories – I have watched their lives.  That’s before they even knew about the ‘secret in the tree.’

Tracing problems to an event sounds preposterous, yet I know that in this case, it is precisely what happened. Many of us do not realise the power held within everyday ‘seemingly unimportant’ things. We go about our lives forgetting that God doesn’t just reside within us, but He is everywhere. So too, is the power of evil. The power of the enemy.

I have cut an incredibly long story quite short, and for many it will possibly raise even more questions.

We are in a spiritual battle and it is one that rages on all around us. It is time to be in tune with God, to stay in tune and stay close to Him.

In Ephesians 6 verse 12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Life is not a game.



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