Beyond 50? Then what? More of the same?
Life beyond 40 was what I had expected. I wholeheartedly embraced the thought that “Life begins at 40”. Even though I had been alive for 40 years, through that time I had certainly had my share of trials and tribulations, of joys and sorrows, of laughs and moving houses.
In the Bible, the number 40 is a time of testing and probation … the 40 years the Israelites spent in the wilderness, the 40 days and nights that it rained (Noah and his family then spent time in the ark), the forty days and nights Jesus spent being tempted by the Devil in the wilderness, and of course, a pregnancy is 40 weeks (usually).
So life beyond 40 is when we have been through our probation period and can relax into a life of apparent ease.
But beyond 50? The nifty-fifties? I look forward to enjoying a time in life which has been also referred to as the ‘new 30’s’.
Certainly women of 50 are much younger now than they were a few years ago (or perhaps thats a perception thing, since I am nearing that magical half a century!)
Fifty year olds still run marathons, they often begin a business and run it successfully, they have ideas which are listened to, they have wisdom borne of their years in probation.
So beyond where we are at now, whatever age or stage that may be – is a life worth living.

Look beyond …

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