Random thoughts are never random

It’s been a day or three since I last wrote a blog.  However my mind seems to be full, overloaded almost. It’s just getting it from my mind onto the page in tangible, readable words.

I decided to join Postaday2011 so that I would ensure that for at least five minutes a day, I would sit and write.
Sometimes I do that, but more often than not, the words are composed in an email to someone, or a thought spoken aloud – and not put on this site.

Perhaps it is time for change. As I sit at a computer suite between classes, once again I am reminded the training I am undergoing. That of being a chef – and a better cook.

Is what I am learning going to be of value in the Kingdom of God – which I am part of? Is it going to help me to serve my fellow man (or women) a bit better?

Over the past three days, I have had many opportunities to reflect and pray. Yesterday after attending my local Church, I saw a randomly placed pamphlet detailing one person’s work in being part of a “Chef for Compassion”.
My button got pressed … my mind went into overdrive, as I drove down to the harbour and looked out at the scenery there.
“Is this what you have in mind for me? Is this something I could be part of?” Random prayers, random thoughts as God and I communicated with each other.

Then I remembered that in God’s Kingdom, nothing is random. A comment made can change a person’s life forever. A pamphlet picked up down town can change the course of a person’s life.

There is no coincidence in the Kingdom of God. He has our lives and pathways designed. Occasionally we veer to the left or right, or down a side alley, and its in those ‘random times’ that He gently leads us to where He wants us to be.

Listening in the quiet, still moments is not easy. But it is so necessary.
God’s will won’t lead us to where His grace cannot keep us.
That’s my thought for today!

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One Response to Random thoughts are never random

  1. Donald says:

    And nice thoughts they are too!

    Yes, listening in the quiet, still moments is not easy, but is worth the effort!



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