Did you all know

.. that you will feel better if you notice the sweetness of life. Notice the smiles of children, the songs of the birds, the caress of the sun’s warmth. This sweetness is for you. Allow it to soothe your soul and bring a smile to your face.
Even when things are in a quandary, even when you don’t know how things will end up or what tomorrow will bring for you, think of all of today’s blessings.

For me, it was the encouragement of a tutor … and students who don’t mind lending an old-girl a hand.
For me, it’s the sun on my back as I walked on home, pack on back, smile on my face and face to the warm wind.

These are the last of the summer days … before daylight saving comes, before the evenings draw in.

These are the days when it is so important to live life to the full – when we remember its important to take a day at a time.

Don’t waste your life – as things here in NZ have shown, life is so precious and even more so when friends and family are torn apart by loved ones caught up in the disaster zone.

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