Hold on to hope

When there is nothing else … we must hold on to our hope.
While the search and rescue people continue to bring out bodies, occasionally there is a glimmer of hope – someone surfaces alive.
Its been too long though for many. Police are advising that there is not likely to be many survivors found now.
The official count is 98 confirmed (6pm NZ time), and about 238 missing – suspected dead.
Please pray for the rescue workers, the people who are offering listening ears, the people who are cooking and offering food to the victims. The Red Cross and other agencies all giving of their expertise. Neighbours and communities are opening their homes and sharing their resources. As a country these are difficult times and our government have declared a ‘State of Emergency’. Other countries have already sent in specialised teams.
Many homes are uninhabitable.
Many roads are impassable.
Christchurch will take a long time to recover, but they have hope.
They have the ‘red and black’ survivor spirit.
Many have left the city … but they will be back one day.  Those who remain have made the decision to stay with their homes, their city. For they have nothing else to hang on to … just their faith in God and the resilience of the human spirit.

In the meantime, deep within the darkness of the days and nights of despair, within these people and the people of New Zealand is still a glimmer. It’s a glimmer of hope … hope that one day Christchurch will stop the endless shaking and hope that life may one day return to normal.

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One Response to Hold on to hope

  1. Praying for you all down there.

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