Unsettled relationships

Community relationships within the church … where am I at with those in my church family? Am I even close to them, or are they just people I speak to on Sunday and seldom come in contact with them through the week? We are often reminded that we are a family, all part of the bigger family of God.
Yet, like an ordinary family, sometimes those closest bear the brunt of our mistakes – our off-loading of comments and thoughts.
Should sibling rivalry even be part of our life in the family of God?
We often portray church family as the perfect family. Yet, people are in it … so therefore it can’t be totally without a wrinkle or spot (not while we here on this earth, anyway!) Where people gather together there are usually so many different personalities, lifestyles, ages, stages, just to name a few. Some of us are new christians, just beginning and others are more mature in their faith … some are half way creeping through the gaps, and others may have slipped and fallen. Some cry for help to those who pass by on the other side.

I read this recently which made me sit up and take notice. I would hesitate to call it a ‘God moment’ but in a way, thats what it was:

“Sometimes it’s good to be unsettled in that it prompts our thoughts and conversations to go places we never would have considered otherwise.
For instance…Am I really looking at the faces of those in my relational circles? Am I really seeing what is underneath the surface and behind the eyes? Am I observant enough to catch the subtle signals that everyone gives off, revealing something of the condition of their heart? And, am I brave enough to enter into it with them by asking how they are doing?” (Deanna Davis)

It has given me something to work on in my life during the coming week, both in my church family, my home and in my student family at the Polytech.
For I know it is an area in which there is room for improvement!

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2 Responses to Unsettled relationships

  1. Thanks for hitting the blog and thinking about these things with me. You encouraged me greatly today. Hope all is well with you as you wrestle with our great God in your neck of the woods…

  2. I caught myself saying “how are you doing” and not meaning it the other day. Your post reminded me of the importance being a friend to friends. Thank you!

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