To stocktake where we’re at

Strange title? I guess it is, but it’s where I am at the moment … or where I have been lately.
Taking stock is stopping to count things (that’s if you are in business, or in the retail trade particularly).
Taking stock in your life is stopping to identify where you are. To identify where you are at on your journey of life; how far you have come, where you are heading and if where you are going is in fact where you really want to be.
To take stock on your journey through life is to check out those who are journeying with you as well. Are they friends who are helpful, or just hanging on by a thread? Are they a drain on your joy, or do they add to it?
To have people around who energise is so important, yet we often spend most of our time with people who drain us. They could be negative workmates or people we live with.

Many of us are familiar with financial stock takes … “whoops, not enough in the account for that, or yay, I can afford to purchase this after all.” Checking a bank balance is often a daily or weekly process. Often due to our lifestyles, the finances tend to come first in our thinking.

The most important stock take is the one which either gets left out totally, or is left to when we are facing some sort of crisis. It is the spiritual stock take: where we are at in our journey with God, where we are at in our relationship with Him.  Is God first in your life – do you begin your day in quietness with Him, or is it a case of “if I can fit it in, I’ll read something spiritual and maybe pray a little bit”.

The concept of practicing the presence of Jesus can seem a bit strange at the start, but He is with us, and by his Holy Spirit within, we do have his presence about us.

So where are you at in the stock take process? Don’t leave it off the agenda, as like a retail or manufacturing stock take, it won’t go away, and the business (your life) won’t get better without it happening in some way or form.

It can be a bit like a tooth ache, going to the dentist isn’t fun, but it often helps relieve the pain!

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One Response to To stocktake where we’re at

  1. Donald says:

    Good thoughts Val, and well written.

    I could not agree more – we have ‘stocking taking’ in all walks of life to enable us to move forward in good ways.



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