How different are you?

“The goal is to find your voice, the voice that isn’t like everyone else’s. And this is a very difficult thing to do, for the plain reason that we have mostly spent our lives trying to fit in.” ~ Linda LaPlante

Throughout our lives we are taught etiquette, how to blend in, how to conform to the ‘norms’ of society around us. This becomes a real problem for some, and they tend to be labelled as a result. Maybe they actually are eccentric? Or maybe, like some of us, they just don’t want to be in the crowd – they want to stand out and be a little bit different.
So where do you fit? Are you different?
These days, as a student, I wonder what the word ‘different’ actually means. If I consider myself to be normal, then everyone else in my class must be ‘different’!!
I am different due to my age – I am not a school leaver or in my early 20’s like the majority of my class. I am a mature student in my 40’s. Help? Nearly 50.
So to them, I am quite different.
To find a unique voice as in the quote above is quite a challenge to me. I am already labelled ‘mature or old’, so therefore I am spending my day trying to be a little bit similar to the younger ones around me.
No, I don’t dress exactly like them, but I find I do dress to blend in and not stick out any more than I do.
The grey hairs that are beginning to fill my once brown head of hair already profess that I am different.
The other real point of difference in my class situation is that probably I am one of only two or three christians in the group of 32.
For me, that is my unique voice.
We are people who like to conform … yet sometimes we have to make a stand in what we believe.
I am finding that the unique voice of the christian is not in yelling it over the campus, but quietly being the people that God made us to be. Sharing our faith by our lifestyle.
And that is the biggest point of difference in the campus.
We are noticed – watched – and although this can be a trifle uncomfortable, it is the unique voice which sings a song, bringing blessing and hope to those around us … without any words needing to be said.

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