An interesting week

So I am once again a Polytech student and just about at the end of my first week.  So far it has been totally different from last year (my first year). Instead of being given recipes to make, we are given lists of ingredients, put into groups and told to see what we can come up with in the time limit we have. Its a little like “Masterchef” – but of course, it’s not!
Tomorrow we have the joy of doing some baking, so I am looking forward to that. I enjoy the baking side of things a lot.
Also tomorrow we have to sell our baking around the Polytech – the creations we have made. Could be interesting … mind you it is just a gold coin donation.
We are literally learning to ‘sell ourselves’.

So has my first week been good? You bet. I find I am settling into the student life quite quickly, and am enjoying having a full house again. I have three flatmates this year … it is nice to have people to cook for again.

The TV doesn’t feel neglected anymore, the oven is being used, the microwave and washing machine feel needed again (more than once a week). Leftovers are no longer leftover for long in the fridge. The tea, milo and coffee leave the jars with amazing frequency and the once full bowl of fruit has just a couple of rejects lurking at the bottom.

Students have to eat plenty to nourish the brain cells … and next week we might even make up one of those dreaded rosters to give everyone an opportunity to try out their culinary and cleaning skills. I am looking forward to the changes this year may bring for me.

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