Surrender and its consequences

Recently I read a line in a daily devotional that really held a lot of power for me. It went like this:
“We’re free to choose whatever we surrender to, but we’re not free from the consequences of that choice.” Bob Gass (Word for Today).

William Booth once said “The greatness of a man’s power is in the measure of his surrender”.

What have you surrendered to lately? Chaos or Christ?

The choices we make in life do have consequences, a small decision we make one day has the ability to snowball over time and become something that we never intended or even imagined.

We all surrender to something, even though we may not use that word. Other people have power over us, not necessarily because they want to, but because we allow them to have it.
At work we surrender to extra hours because it seems easier than rocking the boat.
Take a look at your life, take stock of where you are at … who or what have you surrendered to so that you could be where you are? Where would you be if you had done it ‘your way’.

Surrender isn’t wrong. Its making sure that when we surrender, it is to the right thing. There is victory when we surrender to Christ, and Him alone. To choose to follow His way, His lead and His will.

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