Are you still afloat?

It is not the ship in the water,
but the water in the ship, which sinks it.
So it is not the Christian in the world,
but the world in the Christian, which
constitutes the danger.
(J. Wilbur Chapman)

It is easy to lay blame on others for the things we go through. Many times, it is the choices we have made – right ones, or wrong ones – that are the reef on which our boat sinks.

To stay upright in this crazy world we have to keep upright in our faith in God. We have to maintain a good relationship with Him.
A relationship takes two things, speaking and listening. Many find it easy to pray or talk to God, but its not always easy to wait around and listen for God to speak with us.

It means we must take the time to be quiet before God, to hear the ‘still, small voice’.

To be in the world but not allow too much of the world to be in us takes discipline … that’s a bit of a dirty word these days.
Ouch, laws abound that we aren’t even meant to discipline our kids anymore … teachers aren’t supposed to discipline their pupils … so the schools run amok.
And so it goes on.

How watertight is your boat from the weights and cares of the world? Are you floating easily relying on the Holy Spirit’s power to be your sail?

Sometimes its good to be a catamaran for a while … linked to others while going through hard times, or times of intense testings.

Like a yacht on the sea, sails can rip in the storms and need constant repairs and maintenance checks.

Jesus left us with the promise that He would never leave us or forsake us … link your boat to Him and He will lead you through the sometimes rough and stormy sea of life.


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