How’s that resolution going?

Today I again had the pleasure of doing something about the New Year resolution I had made.
I had decided that this year I would get out tramping more (or hiking / trekking), and last weekend saw me in mid-Canterbury at Mt Somers.


Returning from Wool Shed Hut - Mt Somers

This weekend the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club were holding Open Days at their clubrooms – I had torn the page out of the newspaper and put it on the wall to remind me.
Over the last couple of years I had often thought about going to their meetings and seeing what treks they had on … but had never got around to doing anything.
Well I went along today and met some lovely people, and tomorrow they are holding a few different hikes around the area where I live, here in Dunedin.

So tomorrow afternoon I am going to join in and go walking! Great.

How is your NY resolution coming along? Have you made it off the starting blocks yet?

I’ve also joined the Postaday2011, so writing is also something I want to do more of.

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