Writer’s block

What? I am sitting in front of the screen, and I have gone blank.
While at work today, I had lots of good ideas, yet tonight they seem to have escaped the coop.
Maybe I am just a bit tired after three very long days at work?
Maybe my life has been too much work, and not enough stimulation – so my imagination has hibernated (probably due to our weird weather lately, its been cool. And I mean cool, as in cold.)
I am aware that it is Friday tomorrow. That brings a smile to my face.
It means that I have the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, then as the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club are holding an Open Day on Saturday (all day) I thought I might go for a look. They are also holding a small tramp on Sunday, it will taken in some of the local area, so that will be a possible for me.
At this stage I am going to the Open Day, just to see what events are on offer. Maybe I might meet some other people, and get some good ideas.
So do I have writer’s block? Mmmm? I have managed to write a few words, so all is not lost after all.
My post-a-day 2011 challenge isn’t going too badly. I’ve only missed on the days I have been away from the computer.
I might just rename this blog “Glimmers of hope” because thats precisely what I am feeling at the moment. There is hope for me!

What glimmers of hope are others experiencing?

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