Going back

Sometimes it is a wonderful experience to revisit a place you have enjoyed some good times at.

The new sign for Lake Coleridge Village

A new sign

Recently I was able to do this, and share the special time with a friend.  Lake Coleridge village is tucked alongside the Rakaia River in mid Canterbury.

Of course there have been many changes there, new houses built on a subdivision which once housed the school. Even the sign to the village is new and was not there 8 years ago.

The house I used to live in looked a bit sad and the hedges quite overgrown. However the current owners may be away for the holidays .. or may be busy. It isn’t my home now, so I try to walk on and be unaffected.

Tree roots exposed by eroded river bank

It was lovely to take my friend down some of the walking tracks, alongside the tailrace from the Coleridge Power Station – the first government owned Power Station in New Zealand, and commissioned in 1914.




The old swimming spot

I was able to share other experiences too, like where we used to jump off the cliff and rocks into the deep water near the Rakaia.

Then we visited the Lake itself, to think once I used to jog those very roads – all part of the training for the couple of half marathons I took part in.


Lake Coleridge

Although the lake looked a little rough around the edges, and the wind was coming up, it was a special time for me.
Prior to the visit to the area, we went into Christchurch and visited family, then friends at Darfield. The following day we went for a tramp around Mt Somers (see blog on this).

Going back – it can be so good for the soul.

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